Reasoning Technology, LLC

Automated Systems Leveraging the Human Mind

Reasoning Technology, LLC is a research and development company founded by David A. Fisher. It is devoted to development of disruptive technologies that accelerate technological advances in many fields. Areas of current interest include development of automated technology that emulates the structures and reasoning abilities of the human mind, understanding emergent phenomena from a logical perspective, and knowhow to dramatically improve the quality, cost-effectiveness and breadth of application of automated systems.

Technology currently under development has the potential to amplify the intellectual ability of individual humans and to enable an intellectual revolution analogous to the way powered machinery amplified human mechanical ability and enabled the industrial revolution.

Most products and services of Reasoning Technology, LLC are licensed under the  pbtOmega™ and depend on the logic of property based types, the Omega language, or a PBT reasoning engine. 

Reasoning Technology, LLC
218 Oakland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213