News / Announcements

The pbtOmega Pittsburgh Forum 

A forum for presentation, discussion, and networking related to any aspect of property based types (PBT) from mathematical foundations, through previously unimagined applications, to social and economic implications has been set up as a meetup group. Meetings, generally held on the second Thursday of each month, may start-up again in early 2020. Watch for future meeting announcements!

The pbtOmega Discussion & Working Group Meetings

The pbtOmega Working Group meetings will discuss strategic planning issues for property based types. These include forming a non-profit to manage the pbtOmega effort, how to improve visibility, intellectual property issues, obtaining participants for various aspects of the effort, and financing, among others. There are several ideas to discuss in each of these areas and your ideas are welcome. We are also looking for lecture topics and venues. You may register or send ideas by email to pbtOmega@pbtOmega, but registration is not required. You may also sign-up for this meeting at:

The discussion and working group meetings will start up again in the new year. Watch for future announcements!