Lectures about property based types (pbt).

The Logic of Property Based Types

The Logic of Property Based Types When: TBD Venue: TBD Where: TBD Abstract: The logic of property based types is a theory of reasoning with structures and processes analogous to those of concepts and deductive reasoning in the human mind. In contrast with classical logic, PBT logic is a sound, reasons validly about anything imaginable, is devoid of paradoxes, distinguishes between things and their references, does not require existence and guarantees valid results in the absence of complete information. This presentation discusses the objectives for PBT logic, the resulting characteristics and how they were achieved

The Omega Language

— Introduction & Summary When: 7:00p Monday 14 February 2019 Venue: The Pittsburgh Functional Programming Meetup Where: Catapult CoWork, 4327/Butler St. 2nd floor/Pittsburgh, PA 15201 Abstract: This presentation discusses the purpose, key mechanisms and capabilities of the Omega languages and contrasts them with traditional programming languages. Omega is a general purpose problem solving language with an informal conversational interface. Like pure functional programming languages, It is declarative and side-effect free. It is a pure calculus of types where each type characterizes a category of things. Omega expands the range of applications of automated systems by validly characterizing and answering questions about anything that can be imagined including infinite, incomplete knowable and nonexistent things.

Human & Automated Reasoning

— Mind vs. Computers When: 5:00p Thursday 24 January 2019 Venue: Reasoning Technology, LLC Where: Catapult CoWorking /4327 Butler St. 2nd floor/Pittsburgh, PA 15201 Abstract: This presentation is part of a lecture series on human and automated reasoning. The series examines (a) the evolution of human reasoning, (b) the development of the logic of property based types (PBT) which emulates aspects of the human mind and (c) the social, economic and philosophical implications of automated systems of property based types. This session focuses on the differences among classical logic which underlies digital computation, the logic of property based types, and the statistical inference methods of modern artificial intelligence.