Reasoning Technology, LLC.

Reasoning Technology is a research and development organization whose purpose is to explain previously unexplainable phenomena and exploit that knowledge to develop revolutionary technological products. Its primary research focus has been to explain the human mind’s ability to represent and reason soundly with inherently incomplete concepts. It enables sound reasoning analogous to deductive reasoning in the human mind. not only for domains with unknown and unknowable characteristics. Separately, it has substantial interest in developing a general theory of emergent phenomena.

Reasoning Technology is currently developing an automated system that overcomes the limitations of modern digital computing & artificial intelligence. The system employs a pure calculus of abstract concepts and a sound higher order logic. It is able to guarantee valid results for any conceivable domain given accurate but usually incomplete, information about that domain; but is unable to answer certain questions without additional information.

Reasoning Technology was founded by David A. Fisher in 2017, has a patent pending on the above-mentioned technology, and is currently seeking senior software and hardware development personnel.